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The Company & The Horses

Owner Randy Clayton has been working with horses his entire life. He began horse logging many years ago and has had owned Draft Horses for Hire and Santa Cruz Carriage Company since 1991.

Randy has the knowledge and experience to help you use the stunning draft horses to create a sustainable logging program or a picture perfect wedding with horse-drawn carriage.

A Little Romance
The draft horses are a bunch of hopeless romantics. After all, they pulled the carriage at Randy and Chris’ wedding and have been providing romantic carriage rides to brides and newlyweds ever since! Maybe that tells you a little about Randy as well.

A Lot of Fun
Just like Randy, the draft horses are gentle and good natured and will bring a smile to anyone who meets them. Hundreds of children and parents have met the horses through our Wilder Ranch programs, at birthdays, and other special occasions where these gentle giants have made a special day even more memorable for all.

We Come to You
Our horse-powered services are available throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, the Central Coast and Santa Cruz and Monterey counties. We bring our horses, wagon, carriage, and gear to your location. It’s all just part of the service.

Draft horses are specially bred for strength, size, and ability and desire to pull. These very large, muscular horses can pull hundreds of pounds with little effort. By comparison, our carriages with 3 passengers weighs about 2,000 pounds and a typical wagon with 12 children and adults weighs around 3000 pounds.

Caring for the Horses
The health and safety of our horses is one of our greatest concerns as are the conditions where they live and work. Our horses are kept at Wilder Ranch where they receive daily brushing from their dedicated stable team, including Randy. Their stalls are cleaned daily and receive a healthy diet. They have regular health examinations from their local vet. We never work a sick or injured horse.

If you would like to know more about our horses or would like to see where they live, please give us a call. We would be happy to show you around our stable.

Here are some Web sites where you can learn more about draft horses:


Breed: Belgian
Average weight: 2100 lbs.
Height: 16-19 hands
Coloring: usually chestnut or roan with blonde or white main and tail and points.
The Belgian horse comes from Belgium, and is the most popular draft horse in America. They have a willingness to work and are easy to maintain. The Belgians are excellent wagon horses that are dependable and versatile.